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For shipments of your movable goods abroad, we offer two options for getting your goods to their destination: sea freight and air freight. Your smaller shipments as well as much larger loads the ocean freight service will be able to transport your properties wherever you want. Time perspective is no doubt important to you, our air freight service is a safe option for us to ship your packages. All we offer through our services is speed and protection of your assets.

We provide:

  • Customer solutions to logistical problems;
  • Competitive rates;
  • Punctuality;
  • Excellent coordination between the different phases of the service;
  • Timely information on the status and progress of the shipment;
  • Personalized and professional attention;
  • We create win-win business relationships;

We are looking for a long term relationship with our customers based on commitment, trust, efficiency, ethics professional and personalized attention.

We remain at your disposal and look forward to developing doing business with you.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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